Look to the stars….

Exit night, light dying bright.
Leave and let live until it will never be.
The exit is on the left and the future straight ahead.
Lean on each other, and let me be your legs.
Give the chance to see how they would want you to see…
through my eyes and yours combined, they will come together into something so real and alive that it will inspire a generation.
into a new way of thinking, a new way of living a new way of being…. humanmeteor

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I feel as if i’ve lost control, I can’t feel the wind
on my face.
breathing in you i see the universe in
your eyes, fire in your heart burns igniting me
from afar.
When i think that i can’t go on, I breathe in and
remeber that smell, so faint but just enough to calm
my heart.
Seeing is believing and hopeing is praying.
but none
of this is any good unless you go, you do and take what
you want.
never look back and forge on for the future
but when it comes to love its a strange and fickle thing

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i’m nothing but a shell of a man, a ghost on a alternate
plane, searching for that which makes me whole.
that other heart, bonded with mine filling me up and
making me live.
I’ve got nothing but love to give, nothing but
my heart, my strength my everthing.
Steal away, take ourselves off into those stars where
we gaze.
fly with the meteor into oblivion and beyond.
Together time stands still, smiles and soft touches
blur into the nether, galaxys behind with the universe
within reach, our fingers touch connecting on a otherworldly place.

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Worst of the best

Words form and find their way out,

not on my power alone.

Something deep pushes and prods.

I always saw the best in you,

Intimate melancholy lures out the worst.

Tangled in our sheets we never saw the end,

sinking from a lofty position,

things  looked as if they should.

Never seeing the crick in our step,

passionately, blindly feeling into the dark.

Hands clasp lock as one, hearts rhythm

and meld together.

Poisonus seas swell, crash onto the rocks.

Lay upon the beach, treacherous rays cloud out

and choke, clogging judgment,

making sight unseen.

Fault lines drawn in the sand, now only time can tell.

Careful guidance and truthful thought,

rightful actions and simple


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Fix all the yelling, take me I’m yours.

Give the strength to unleash the love.

Whisper and take it all back


Don’t question yourself, lead with your heart,

a skip and a jump, is all that is left apart.


Raised hands, open heart, mind clear.

Lose all thought


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But everything has to count for something, it all can’t be in vain.

Speak unto you my heart screams true, not nothing I can change again,

listening rings all too clearly now, bitter and otherwise.

Fake and for nothing earned. Wisdom gained, knowledge bound, knew it was wrong,

sorry such a waste.

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been a while…

Centuries go by in a blink and before

you think… it all catches up.

Blistering blid rage screaming from the depth,

stand fast,

hold tight,

grip with everything left.

Cling on dearly all you’ve got is the edge,

fears and frustration, lies and misconceptions

clouds all judgment and doubt.


Stand fast and cast all doubt aside

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