Worst of the best

Words form and find their way out,

not on my power alone.

Something deep pushes and prods.

I always saw the best in you,

Intimate melancholy lures out the worst.

Tangled in our sheets we never saw the end,

sinking from a lofty position,

things  looked as if they should.

Never seeing the crick in our step,

passionately, blindly feeling into the dark.

Hands clasp lock as one, hearts rhythm

and meld together.

Poisonus seas swell, crash onto the rocks.

Lay upon the beach, treacherous rays cloud out

and choke, clogging judgment,

making sight unseen.

Fault lines drawn in the sand, now only time can tell.

Careful guidance and truthful thought,

rightful actions and simple



About americanp03t

I've been a poet for many years, a lot of my poetry comes from hardship in my own life, things that I think about and love that I've had or would want to have. My works here are as they are and are to be taken as you see them. My poetry started when I was in 8th grade with the passing of my uncle and then not long after a good friend committed suicide, much of my older stuff is very dark and angry, in the most recent years I have been molding myself as a human, learning things about myself, and learning how to be happy with myself and the things that I have. My poetry has reflected my changes as I've gotten older. I've been neglecting my talent and instead I should be embracing it and letting the world see it.
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4 Responses to Worst of the best

  1. kp152 says:

    Strong verbiage!

    • americanp03t says:

      you are reading it wrong, the pushing and proding are the words that finally come up to be able to be said to make way to the “adult” section of the poem. but its all in how you read it.

  2. kp152 says:

    I screwed up. I meant to say, Steamy, and nice verbiage.

  3. americanp03t says:

    oh well thank you 🙂

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